School Field Trips and Picnics

(September through May)

Looking for an unforgettable field trip, combining education and hands-on adventure? The Berry Farm offers unforgettable field trips that combine education and adventure. Students will love the seasonal activities like strawberry picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches (depending on the month), and sunflower-picking (year-round). Led by passionate farmers, our educational presentations explore agriculture and sustainability. With farm amenities including hayrides, a corn pit, a lumber playground, obstacle course, and even a kangaroo bounce floor, the fun never stops. Don't forget our delicious farm-fresh food and desserts! Plus, every student takes home a special seasonal item. Our picnic and daytime brunch options for secondary students includes complimentary use of one party pavilion (subject to availability) and are customizable to meet the needs of older children. Embark on an unforgettable adventure at The Berry Farm and book your field trip or picnic/daytime brunch today! 

Summer Camp Field Trips

(Off-Season Only: Mid-May through Early September)

Looking for a fun and exciting field trip for your group this summer? Look no further than our summer camp offering! For just $25 per person, your group will enjoy a delicious meal and dessert, along with access to a wide range of farm amenities.

These amenities include a hayride, shaded bounce floor, shaded playground, obstacle course, two waterslides, music, and non-alcoholic beverages. With so many activities to choose from, your group is sure to have a blast at our summer camp. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity for a fun-filled day on the farm!

(Select dates only. Off-season package. We cook in peanut oil.)